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Abstract : My Week in View
18th Feb 2014 Posted in: Abstract Paintings 3

Everything comes around they say and art movements like fashion can also have a cyclical nature. One day the zeitgeist is just ready to understand or revisit ideas. Abstract painting, once the centre of the storm in the post-war art world is making something of a comeback, particularly in the main country of its birth, […]

Life Class : My Week in View
9th Feb 2014 Posted in: Drawings, News 0

I was taken by friends to the play Calendar Girls this week and in the play the characters have to be semi-naked on stage, which is very brave of the actors, as is all performance in public that calls for revealing the unclothed body. Kenneth Clark wrote brilliantly about the difference between the naked and […]

Blue : My Week in View
3rd Feb 2014 Posted in: News 0

Blue is the colour of the gods. Lapis lazuli a semi precious stone, mined since earliest times in China and ground to become Ultra Marine, the finest of Blue pigments, was once so rare that only the most famous artists could afford to use it. Blue is the perceived colour of the sea and the sky. […]

Rococo : My Week In View
28th Jan 2014 Posted in: Dance Paintings 0

  I am enjoying the new series on Rococo Art by Waldemar Januszczak. As a lover of the Baroque and the Renaissance, the Rococo is a movement I have often overlooked. At first sight it’s over-ornate extremes alienate it from the modern aesthetic but the post-modern aesthetic has much in common with its stylistic excess […]

Let there be Light : My Week in View
19th Jan 2014 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, News 0

Light is the greatest mystery in the universe. We only perceive the world because of light. Painting is captured light, Turner in particular understood this well and the British have a singular obsession with the fleeting light that is so precious in the long darkness of winter. The London Art Fair is also with us, or […]

A Life on Paper : My Week in View
7th Jan 2014 Posted in: News 0

I am reading Martin Gayford’s wonderful biography of Michelangelo, “His Epic Life” in it he talks about the importance of paper as a catalyst in the birth of the Renaissance. An earlier biographer had also referred to this artist’s life as a “Life lived on Paper”, as he was consuming and reusing this then precious commodity […]

The Poetry of Paint : My Year in View
29th Dec 2013 Posted in: News 1

A gift this Christmas offered me a wonderful quote from the French painter Vuillard: “Who speaks of art speaks of poetry. There is no art without a poetic aim. Theres is a species of emotion particular to painting. There is an effect that results from a certain arrangement of colours, of lights, of shadows. It […]

Solstice : My Week in View
18th Dec 2013 Posted in: News 0

  The year comes to an end soon and in the northern hemisphere the Winter Solstice is approaching. From pre-historic times this turning of the year has been celebrated and worshipped in many ways. In ancient history the early Romans used it for their Bacchanalian revels of the Saturnalia and Sol Invictus (the undefeated sun […]

Soul Man :   My Week in View
11th Dec 2013 Posted in: News 0

In this week of my birthday I have been enjoying music and art in equal measure, they both get to the heart of our emotional language of truth, those unspoken emotions that express our innermost feelings and thoughts. Inspiration for my Dance Drawings and Paintings always springs from both the Dancer and the Music, indeed music […]

Plus Ca Change : My week in view
5th Dec 2013 Posted in: News 2

Cork street is under threat from developers, in a long running fight to save this bastion of British art, it is now coming to terms with change.  In many ways London has had a stable designate art area for longer than New York, which has seen many shifts from Soho to Chelsea and beyond. There […]