Dance Drawings

The Dance paintings and drawings, which precede them, are always works in progress, records of emotion and the spontaneity of expression.

The drawing media  becomes an extension of the body, a dancers limb, a fleeting moment captured but hopefully revealing of something that endures of the human form, forever in motion.

Music itself is also a very big influence, aligned closely with the music choice of the dancer, both classical and contemporary.  The titles of the Dance work are usually influenced by their choice of music, which can be anything from Bowie to Bach.

“Hallelujah” Dance Drawing inspired by the Leonard Cohen Song

“Inspired by Bach” Dance Drawing to Cello Suite no 1

IMG_0715 lo resIMG_0724 lo resBowie Under PressureBowie HeroesSirelyn 9242 lo resSirelyn 9234 lo resSirelyn 9227 lo resSirelyn 11 lo resSirelyn 10 lo resSirelyn 8 lo resSirelyn 5 lo resSirelyn 4 lo resSirelyn 1lo resTinuke 7211 Tinuke 7207 Elisa 7203 Elisa 7202 Elisa 7197 Leaping Dancer 2Sirelyn Dancing22014 12014 32014 42014 62014 52014 72014 D-6 82014 92014 112014 102014 122014Blue Dancer no 1 DDW1Dance Drawing DDW2Dance Drawing DDW3Dance Drawing DDW4Leaping Dancer DDW5Dancer Stretching DDW6Dance Drawing DDW7Dance Drawing DDW12Dance Drawing DDW17Blue Dancer DDW 14Dance Drawing DDW19Dance Drawing DDW20Dance Drawing DDW22Dance Drawing DDW24Galleries: Dance Drawings.