We Are Stardust : My Week in View
2nd Jul 2015 Posted in: Dance Paintings, News 3

Returning from the delirious Blue Mediterranean Sea and Sky of Greece, where we were completely charmed by the great art and beauty of its museums and islands. Also recharged to produce new figurative and abstract pieces and feeling the power of Mythology to permeate our life and culture. In particular, we were bowled over by […]

Blues for Pablo : My week in View
29th May 2015 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, Dance Paintings, Drawings, News 1

This last few weeks several different influences have occurred simultaneously in my work. Thinking about Picasso, over 40 years after his death he is still very much all around us. Last week one of his works achieved the highest ever price at auction, an extraordinary, mythic, potent artist. He was above all fearless, constantly exploring media […]

Mirror Image : My Week in View
4th May 2015 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, Drawings, News 0

The sea is a mirror of the sky. The land is a mirror of the light. So much of what we see are reflections of something else, even of our personality. I am fascinated by this duality both of perception and action. We are always observing horizons, that vanishing point where land meets eternity and […]

Greek Beauty : My Week in View
31st Mar 2015 Posted in: News 0

  This week a superlative show of Greek art at the British Museum was a revelation. Its focus is on the sensuality and humanity of the body depicted in Classical Greek sculpture. This was the first time in art that nudity was celebrated for its own sake, idealised and stylised but clearly the human body […]

4th Mar 2015 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, News 0

After an enforced break, this month I am back in the studio and very much enjoying working again. Since the end of last year I have been letting other influences flow over me including two visits to the wonderful Turner exhibition at Tate Britain “Painting Set Free”, which were a catalyst in my understanding of […]

A Year in View
23rd Dec 2014 Posted in: News 0

Thank you to you all for your support and interest in my work this year. It has been a very busy, emotional and creative year for me, ending with a successful and very well received show at the Calken Gallery. It was particularly enjoyable to work with Vanessa Clark of VC Art on this exhibition […]

 November 2014 Exhibition :
12th Nov 2014 Posted in: News 0

Vanessa Clark presents: “poetic liberation of the spirit” New Paintings on Canvas and Works on Paper by David Cottingham. Including the launch of the “Broken Hearts” Series. Hosted and Curated by Vanessa Clark for VC Art Exhibition Dates : 19th-25th November Preview Opening Thursday 20th November  6pm-9pm Calken  Gallery  117 Kensington Church Street, London W8 […]

Its Only Words : My Week in View
14th Oct 2014 Posted in: News 0

Talking about art is often ironic, the work should really speak for itself, or there are two distinct voices going on at the same time which is one original meaning of irony. This week I gave a short talk on my work and then took questions. I am always fascinated to hear what comes out […]

Autumnal : My Week in View
30th Sep 2014 Posted in: News 2

The colours are shifting, autumn is in the air, light is lower and golden, my favourite time of the year is here! This week I am showing a painting in a group show in Chelsea organised by the Riverside Art Group. The RIver Thames is a constant theme in my abstract paintings, particularly the London […]

Blue for You : My Week in View
19th Sep 2014 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, News 0

Blue is the colour of love, that’s my view. It is the colour of our soulful life, the sky, the sea, the blues are all around us. In art it all began with Lapiz Lazullii, a very rare semi precious mineral. During the middle ages and early Renaissance, the Ultramarine pigment, the finest and rarest […]