Autumn Soul
30th Sep 2016 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, News 0

The summer ended with a wonderful late burst of light and energy. I participated in a local Open Studio event, spanning two weekends which proved very rewarding and inspiring. It also provided a great opportunity to meet so many new friends and neighbours we never knew and was a very different experience to showing in […]

In The Studio
6th Sep 2016 Posted in: News 0

The next 2 weekends sees my studio open its doors to the public for the first time, as part of the Ealing BEAT project. All are welcome to drop by and see new work and say hello. As you can see I have several new pieces on display and have tried to show as wide […]

Open Studio Invitation
11th Aug 2016 Posted in: News 0

Dear Friends I have an Open Studio as part of the locally sponsored Art Trail BEAT over 2 weekends in September. Please find attached an invitation. I will be there over both weekends. This will provide a great chance to meet up and see the work in situ. There will be new pieces on display […]

Dancing in the Dark
7th Jul 2016 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, Dance Paintings, Drawings, News 2

“From the Darkness, Sunrise and Rain”. Two Panels on Canvas Summer is hovering around us, not sure whether it has anything seasonal to wear this year. The longest day passed on a tide of change, the dawning of the age of uncertainty, maybe the 21st Century has finally arrived. In these uncertain times I retreat […]

Helios Rising
31st May 2016 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, News 1

No two sunrises are the same. The cliche fades when confronted by the beauty of the moment. I recently travelled down to the Kent coast to Margate, where I used to live and where the great Mr Turner used to paint the sometimes glorious skies. As well as a beautiful sunset I was lucky enough […]

Beyond Byzantium
30th Mar 2016 Posted in: News 0

In his great poem Sailing to Byzantium, WB Yeats addresses growing old and embarks on a late spiritual journey to a poetic paradise. “And therefore I have sailed the seas and come To the holy city of Byzantium”. Byzantium was home for a thousand years to a civilisation based around the city that eventually became […]

Lost in the Dream
23rd Feb 2016 Posted in: News 0

Immersing yourself in something creative, be it Music, Books or Movies etc can be a wonderful release. For a while you are somewhere else, a different country, somewhere that time at last stands still. Painting is often like that, a sort of Lucid Dreaming, absorbing the moment by moment feelings, listening to your unconscious voice. Recently while working  on […]

29th Jan 2016 Posted in: News 0

Every place we visit offers us the gift of Light. Subtle or extreme, no two landscapes have the same relationship with the miracle that is sunlight. With Lebanon still very much in my memory I have revisited a brief trip we made to Byblos. This very ancient city has claim to be the oldest continually […]

From Lebanon with Love
31st Dec 2015 Posted in: News 0

Returning from a truly memorable exhibition in the beautiful land of Lebanon. The sights and sounds will linger long in our memory. Beirut is the most vibrant and fascinating of cities and we want to return again to explore more of its incredible past and present. We were also overwhelmed by all the new friends […]

Towards Paradiso
10th Dec 2015 Posted in: News 0

Well the day approaches and the year is ending on a high, with an up-coming show in Beirut at the beautiful Villa Paradiso. All the work is delivered and ready for the hang. The theme is Dualities and after a lot of thought this seems an ever more apt title. The more we know about […]