Old Scissor Hands, Sense and Sensuality  :  My Week in View
28th May 2014 Posted in: Dance Paintings, Drawings, News 0

Well “Triumph” is the only one word review possible for the Matisse Cut Outs show at Tate Modern. The sheer joie de vivre of this show will sweep all before it. By concentrating only on this late flowering of an extraordinary creative life, it has brought us as close as possible to the mind of a […]

A Room With A View : My Week in View
12th May 2014 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, Dance Paintings, Drawings, News 0

This weekend and next I am showing work in a beautiful late Georgian London house with large, light rooms. Most people still acquire artworks for their immediate surroundings and it is always good to see paintings hanging in a great domestic space. The quality of light really affects the perception of a work and every […]

The Eyes Have It : My Week in View
6th May 2014 Posted in: Dance Paintings, Drawings, News 0

I love to photograph and draw the eyes. The power of eye contact is in our DNA, they are truly the gateway to the soul. When you first learn to draw portraits you are always taught not to begin with the eyes, for good reason, they have a direct power which should not be ignored, […]

1914-2014 : A Century in View
20th Apr 2014 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, Dance Paintings, Drawings, News 0

We are currently surrounded by a stream of media memories of the outbreak of the  first World War. My own father, born in 1901, was just too young to serve in that war but he was to serve with honour in the Desert Campaign of the next. Through him and his generation’s life and memories our […]

The Hands of Time : My Week in View
10th Apr 2014 Posted in: Dance Paintings, Drawings 2

Art is never still, always moving. I often work on  a piece over several weeks, changing and overpainting. The work evolves until it speaks directly. Progress is an uncertain thing, evolution is a better word. Art of course has evolved, every age has its contemporary, what the Zeitgeist of the time requires, the artist duly […]

Matisse the Master : My Week in View
18th Mar 2014 Posted in: Dance Paintings, Drawings, News 0

For as long as I can remember Matisse has been, with Picasso, the defining inspiration for creative modern artists. He hovers above us always out of reach as both painter and sculptor of genius. One of my personal claims to fame was that I was alive before he died in 1954, when he was in […]

Bowie to Rodin, Mythologies : My Week in View
25th Feb 2014 Posted in: Dance Paintings, Drawings, News 0

Bowie: Art’s survivors are a special breed, not just the classics but those artists who continue to be relevant throughout their lifetime and beyond. This week I was again working on lyrics for a song with composer Thol Mason on the theme of Icarus and myth of human flight, while also pondering the lyrical genius […]

Rococo : My Week In View
28th Jan 2014 Posted in: Dance Paintings 0

  I am enjoying the new series on Rococo Art by Waldemar Januszczak. As a lover of the Baroque and the Renaissance, the Rococo is a movement I have often overlooked. At first sight it’s over-ornate extremes alienate it from the modern aesthetic but the post-modern aesthetic has much in common with its stylistic excess […]

Le Sacre
22nd Nov 2013 Posted in: Dance Paintings, News 1

My Week in View: A great show at Christies in Mayfair of British Pop Art, where the 1960’s spring to life with early Hockney’s and Blake’s looking fresh as paint, along with the other stars like Allen Jones who still shine brightly and some who have now faded from view. The Britten centenary has unearthed all […]

Tracing the Soul: The Movie!
8th Oct 2013 Posted in: Dance Paintings, News 0

  2012 will see the UK premier of a short film about my Dance work, titled “Tracing the Soul”. Watch here: Password: parquelage7301