Cloud Illusions : My Week in View
8th Jul 2014 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, Drawings 0

  Away from London for a week, needing visual stimulation and inspiration. Sometimes just looking at the sky can be enough. Suffolk skies never let me down, there the sky appears more open and fast-moving and after the often overcast skies of London the effect is exhilarating. Cloud illusions, water vapour light and air all conspire […]

A Room With A View : My Week in View
12th May 2014 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, Dance Paintings, Drawings, News 0

This weekend and next I am showing work in a beautiful late Georgian London house with large, light rooms. Most people still acquire artworks for their immediate surroundings and it is always good to see paintings hanging in a great domestic space. The quality of light really affects the perception of a work and every […]

1914-2014 : A Century in View
20th Apr 2014 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, Dance Paintings, Drawings, News 0

We are currently surrounded by a stream of media memories of the outbreak of the  first World War. My own father, born in 1901, was just too young to serve in that war but he was to serve with honour in the Desert Campaign of the next. Through him and his generation’s life and memories our […]

Shine Here to Us : My Week in View
2nd Apr 2014 Posted in: Abstract Paintings 0

In a week of troubled and darker skies I have finished painting a sunrise. The sun is our constant source of light and life. It never fails us and inspires awe in its power and grandeur. John Donne wrote wonderfully about our Suns eternal source in his poem  “The Sun Rising”  and its last verse […]

Abstract : My Week in View
18th Feb 2014 Posted in: Abstract Paintings 3

Everything comes around they say and art movements like fashion can also have a cyclical nature. One day the zeitgeist is just ready to understand or revisit ideas. Abstract painting, once the centre of the storm in the post-war art world is making something of a comeback, particularly in the main country of its birth, […]

Let there be Light : My Week in View
19th Jan 2014 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, News 0

Light is the greatest mystery in the universe. We only perceive the world because of light. Painting is captured light, Turner in particular understood this well and the British have a singular obsession with the fleeting light that is so precious in the long darkness of winter. The London Art Fair is also with us, or […]