This Week
13th Nov 2017 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, Dance Paintings, News 0

  ‘Made Visible’- David Cottingham PRIVATE VIEW – Wednesday 22nd November 6-9pm Co-curated by Vanessa Clark and Mara Alves Presented by VC Art and D Contemporary This exciting show is the culmination of a fifteen-year journey for me, studying the art of Dance and indeed a lifetime of working directly from the figure. It represents a coming together […]

Autumn Soul
30th Sep 2016 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, News 0

The summer ended with a wonderful late burst of light and energy. I participated in a local Open Studio event, spanning two weekends which proved very rewarding and inspiring. It also provided a great opportunity to meet so many new friends and neighbours we never knew and was a very different experience to showing in […]

Dancing in the Dark
7th Jul 2016 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, Dance Paintings, Drawings, News 2

“From the Darkness, Sunrise and Rain”. Two Panels on Canvas Summer is hovering around us, not sure whether it has anything seasonal to wear this year. The longest day passed on a tide of change, the dawning of the age of uncertainty, maybe the 21st Century has finally arrived. In these uncertain times I retreat […]

Helios Rising
31st May 2016 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, News 1

No two sunrises are the same. The cliche fades when confronted by the beauty of the moment. I recently travelled down to the Kent coast to Margate, where I used to live and where the great Mr Turner used to paint the sometimes glorious skies. As well as a beautiful sunset I was lucky enough […]

Park Life : 18th August-1st September
4th Aug 2015 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, Dance Paintings, Drawings, News 1

  My next Holland Park show “The Dancer at the Gates of Dawn” is approaching fast and I want to extend a warm welcome to all who can make it along. Always enjoyable to be there and a great chance to meet up with old friends and greet new faces. My trip to Greece has inspired […]

Blues for Pablo : My week in View
29th May 2015 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, Dance Paintings, Drawings, News 1

This last few weeks several different influences have occurred simultaneously in my work. Thinking about Picasso, over 40 years after his death he is still very much all around us. Last week one of his works achieved the highest ever price at auction, an extraordinary, mythic, potent artist. He was above all fearless, constantly exploring media […]

Mirror Image : My Week in View
4th May 2015 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, Drawings, News 0

The sea is a mirror of the sky. The land is a mirror of the light. So much of what we see are reflections of something else, even of our personality. I am fascinated by this duality both of perception and action. We are always observing horizons, that vanishing point where land meets eternity and […]

4th Mar 2015 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, News 0

After an enforced break, this month I am back in the studio and very much enjoying working again. Since the end of last year I have been letting other influences flow over me including two visits to the wonderful Turner exhibition at Tate Britain “Painting Set Free”, which were a catalyst in my understanding of […]

Blue for You : My Week in View
19th Sep 2014 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, News 0

Blue is the colour of love, that’s my view. It is the colour of our soulful life, the sky, the sea, the blues are all around us. In art it all began with Lapiz Lazullii, a very rare semi precious mineral. During the middle ages and early Renaissance, the Ultramarine pigment, the finest and rarest […]

High Clouds : My Week in View
21st Jul 2014 Posted in: Abstract Paintings, News 0

This week the wonderful warm weather has inspired  a painting and a poem. I am also busy preparing new work for my show in Holland Park in August, where you can see this piece amongst a lot of new work. Details to follow next week.   High Clouds in early light across the fields in the […]